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Email communication has changed the way we do business today and having the Zoho Mail Add-on within your Zoho Recruit system empowers you to have this important communication channel level the playing field between you and the big businesses. With the Zoho Mail add-on you can now manage all your customer correspondence within your Zoho Recruit account. It helps you to automatically track the email conversations that you have with your customers and associate them to your candidates and contacts in Recruit.


Permission Required: Users with Zoho Mail Integration permission in their profile.


  • Centralize all customer information and email correspondence inside Zoho Recruit.
  • Associate customers' email conversation with Recruit data (candidates, contacts, and job openings).
  • Share and update customer-specific emails with other users within the account.
  • Send and receive emails simultaneously in Recruit and your favorite POP3 enabled email client.

 Key Features

  • Email tab inside Zoho Recruit.
  • Send and receive all your emails without leaving Zoho Recruit.
  • Share customer emails with colleagues (emails from selected records or all records).
  • Thread view of Email conversations.
  • Get quick email notifications of the emails from prospects and customers.
  • Integrate with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and any other POP3 email services

You can either choose from one of the popular email clients to set up your email account or use POP3 to configure your email account. The popular email clients provided are: Zoho Mail, Gmail, and Microsoft Outlook.

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