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Enable Zoho CRM integration in Zoho Recruit

The user with Administrator privileges in Zoho Recruit can activate Zoho CRM integration for the Zoho Recruit organisation's account.

 The activation of Zoho CRM integration involves two parts:


Generate ZSC Key

If you are new to Zoho CRM, you need to

  1. Sign up for Zoho CRM and create an organisation in it.
  2. Generate ZSC Key in Zoho CRM.

If you are an existing user in Zoho CRM, you need to:

  1. Generate ZSC Key in Zoho CRM.
  2. Get the ZSC Key of Zoho CRM and the associated email address of the user.

Set up Zoho CRM Integration

To enable Zoho CRM integration:

  1. Login to Zoho Recruit with administrative privileges.
  2. Click Setup > Apps & Add-ons > Zoho Apps > Zoho CRM.
  3. In the Zoho CRM page, turn the Zoho CRM integration button ON.
  4. Select either 1-way Sync or 2-way Sync.
  5. Enter the Zoho Service Communication (ZSC) key of your Zoho CRM account.
  6. Enter the Email Address associated with the ZSC Key.
  7. Click Next.
    Import Zoho CRM data to Zoho Recruit tab is displayed. You can map the Zoho Recruit modules and fields to Zoho CRM


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