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Associate the social profiles of your Candidates and Contacts from within Zoho Recruit. By associating their Twitter and Facebook profiles with their respective records, you can follow all their social activities and the conversations you had with them in one place. This helps you get insights about their experience, education background, interests and much more. Your Contacts will be able to bring you more talent that fits your organization's requirements. When it's time to offer them a job, you would have an idea of what kind of opening they are looking for, the competitors with whom they are interacting with and so on, which would help you know more about your Candidates and hire them in a better way. 


Profile Permission Required: Users with the Social Profile or Social Tab permission in profile can access this feature.


  • It is recommended that you use your official accounts for authentication and to use this feature.
  • The Integration is available only for the Candidates and Contacts module.
  • If the user has permission to access the brand account, then they can interact using the same. In cases where the user does not have access to the brand account or no brand has been associated with the account, the user will be prompted to configure their personal account.
  • Social content from the associated profiles will depend on the profiles' privacy/data sharing settings.
  • To set up the brand handles of your organization, you can make use of the Social Tab. Brand handle refers to the social media accounts your Organization handles. 

 Setting up the Integration

By default, this feature is activated for all the users with system defined Administrator and Standard profiles. Other profile users can use the integrations only if they have the Social Profiles and Social Tab permission activated in their profile.


  • The Administrator and users who have Manage Profiles permission can activate/deactivate this feature for other profiles. Refer to the steps given below to activate the feature for other profiles.

To activate Social Integration for users

  1. Click Settings > Setup > Users & Control > Security Control > Profiles.
  2. Edit the profile for which you want to enable the integration.
  3. Under Social Permissions, select the Social Profiles or Social Tab check box.
  4. Click Save.

 Social Related List

The social interactions for the candidates and contacts can be seen in the Social related list, enabling you to interact directly and easily with the candidate/contact. The Social related list is made up of Feed tabs.


Once the profiles are associated, the Profile tab will contain an overview of all the three associated profiles.

  • For the Twitter profile, you can view the basic info, tweets, followers of the candidate/contact and the people they follow.
  • For the Facebook profile, you can view all the basic information. Click on the button in the record details page to view their complete Facebook profile.
  • For the LinkedIn profile, you can copy the Candidate's/Contact's profile URL and paste it into the text box that appears when you click on the LinkedIn button. This will add a quick link to their LinkedIn profile which opens in a separate tab.
    Note: You cannot access their profile link value using API's as Zoho Recruit doesn't store it anywhere. This is simply a quick way of accessing their LinkedIn profile.

 Associate Social Profiles with Candidates / Contacts

In the Profile tab, you can view the profiles associated with Twitter and Facebook accounts. Do the following in the Candidate's/Contact's detail page:

  1. In the Candidate's/Contact's record details page, you can choose to associate their Twitter or Facebook profile by clicking on the appropriate button and logging in to the respective social service.
  2. A list of profiles based on the First and Last name of the Candidate/Contact will be displayed.
    You can also search for the profile using the search bar.
  3. Click on Associate for the appropriate profile.

  4. You will be able to view the profile details of that particular Candidate/Contact. In addition to viewing their profiles, you can also perform the following actions :
    • Twitter: You can tweet, reply, retweet and favourite the tweets that the Candidate/Contact posts. 
    • Facebook: You will be able to view the posts and conversations that are on the brand page. You can also reply or add comments to the posts.


  • If the Twitter handle is specified in the Twitter field for a candidate/contact, the corresponding profile will be automatically associated with the record.
  • For Facebook, all matching profiles that have enabled the "Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your Profile?" under their "Privacy Settings and Tools" section, will be listed in your results.

  • If the Social Tab is set up, the interactions between the brands configured under the Social Tab and the profiles associated to the candidates/contacts will be sorted in Candidates and Contacts column in the Social tab.

 Adding Profile Image to the Record

   You can add the candidates' and contacts' profile images to your Recruit account with a few clicks.

   To add a profile image

  1. Click the Candidate/Contact tab.
  2. From the list of candidates/contacts, select a record for which you want to add the profile image.
  3. In the Candidate/Contact details page, go to the social profiles under the Candidate/Contact name.
    The associated profiles will be available.
  4. Click on the profile photo that you want to add.
    The image will be added to the Candidate/Contact in Zoho Recruit.

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