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Security Management

Managing the complexities of security administration is one of the growing concerns in any business, especially those open to e-commerce and those with large networks. In such demanding times, the availability of Security Management is considered predominant – affecting all sectors of an enterprise.

The foundation of any security management is a model with role-based access control, enabling all the required functionality and authentication for a security system.

Zoho Recruit provides a set of security features that defines permission to the data as well as the features of Zoho Recruit. Administrators control these security options in the organization's account.

The role-based security ensures that data is accessible to users based on the organization's hierarchy. Profiles, on the other hand, ensure that users have permission to only the relevant features in Zoho Recruit - various modules, data administration tools. There is also Groups that allow you to extend the data-level access to other users with similar job profile.


Manage Users 

Manage all the users in your Zoho Recruit account, deactivate users who are no longer part of the company account.
Add Users  | Re-Invite Users  | Activate/Deactivate Users  | Delete Users  

Manage Profiles 

Create profiles that define the access permissions for the users. Set module-level and feature-level permissions for different profiles.
Create Profiles  | Control Permissions  | Associate Users  

Manage Roles 

Create roles for the users in your account such as CEO, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager etc.
Create Roles  | Assign Roles 

Territory Management 

Segment customer accounts based on account characterists such as, products or services, expected revenue, zip code/region, or industry, rather than record ownership.
Create Territories  | Assign Territories  | Decision Guide 

Manage Groups 

Create groups to manage a common set of records with a group of members.
Share Records  | Assign Groups 

Data Sharing Rules 

Define rules that help you to share data with peers, management, and subordinates.
Manage Data Sharing  | Creating Data Sharing Rules 

Record-Level Sharing 

Share specific records with peers, management and subordinates.
Record-Level Sharing  

Zoho Mail Add-on Users 

Manage the users' access for the Mail Add-on feature.
Lock/Unlock Email Account  | Take Backup of Email Account 

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