Working with Reports

Zoho Recruit reports are the detailed and informative list of records. Each report provides access to important data required for various purposes. In Zoho Recruit, standard reports are provided in various modules, which can be either used as it is or customized further as per your business requirements.


Profile Permission Required: Users with the Reports & Dashboard permissions can access this feature.

Zoho Recruit provides more than 40 different standard reports for the users' benefit. These reports are distributed across different modules in Zoho Recruit. You can use the standard reports or customize them as per your business requirements.

List of Some of the Standard Reports

Report NameDescription
Department Reports 
Departments by IndustryDepartments from various industries.
Job Openings Reports 
Open Job OpeningsJob Openings that are pending.
Pipeline by ProbabilityJob Openings by their probability. 
Job Openings closed by this monthJob Openings that are closing by this month. 
Sales Person's Performance ReportJob Openings gained by each Sales Person. 
Lost Job OpeningsJob Openings that are lost. 
Job Openings by typeJob Openings by their type. 
Sales by Candidate SourceSales gained by various Candidate Sources. 
This month's closingSales happening this month. 
Today's closingSales that is happening today. 
Candidate Reports 
Candidates By SourceCandidates from various sources.
Candidates By StatusCandidates and their status.
Today's CandidatesCandidates that are created today.
Candidates by OwnershipCandidates and the corresponding owners.
Candidates by IndustryCandidates from various vertical industries.
Interview Reports 
Interview vs UserUsers scheduled with an interview
Candidate Source vs InterviewInterviews and the source of its candidates. 
Campaign Reports 
Campaigns Revenue ReportRevenue generated from the campaign.
Campaign CandidatesCandidates that are generated through the campaign.
To-dos Reports 
Total number of scheduled tasks and eventsTotal Events and tasks. 
Today's callsCalls happened today. 
Territory Reports (only if you enable territory management feature) 
Overall Sales Cycle Duration among territories Overall Sales Cycle Duration among territories - summary
Performance by Sales Persons across territories Performance by Sales Persons across territories
Target achieved by Territories - MatrixTarget achieved by territories for this FY.
Revenue By Territories - Last 6 Months Revenue by territories for the past 6 months.
Revenue By Territories - Summary Summary of Revenue by territories for dashboard.
Revenue Channels among Territories Revenue Channels among Territories - Summary Report.
Sales Cycle Duration across Territories Time taken for the recruiters to close acorss various territories
Star performers across territories Sales persons who achieved their targets
Target Achieved among territories Target achieved among territories for this FY. These do not include sub territories targets.


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