Recruiter Automation - Overview

Recruiter Automation

Zoho Recruit provides you and your team modules such as Candidates, Clients, Contacts, etc. giving an opportunity to completely focus on recruitment life-cycle and in-turn increasing revenue.


Clients are companies or departments with which you plan or have business dealings.
Create Clients  | Standard Fields 


Contacts are people in an organization with whom you communicate.
Create Contacts  | Approve Contacts  | Contact Assignment Rules  | Standard Fields 

Job Openings 

Job Openings are job vacancies for your own companies or client companies that generate real revenue for your organization.
Create Job Openings  | Associate Job Openings  | Publish Job Openings  | Standard Fields 


Forecasts are factual insight for fine-tuning the sales process in your organization.
Forecasts Based on Role Hierarchy  | Forecasts Based on Territory Hierarchy  | Set Fiscal Year 

Document Library 

Manage all your business related documents in a single place within Zoho Recruit for easy access and save storage space.
Modify Profile Permissions  | Manage Documents Folder  | Upload Documents 


Save time by combining sets of actions that can be executed for a group of records in a module.
Learn More 


Create and associate tasks, events and calls to with information on the date, time, priority level and notification parameters etc.
Tasks  | Events  | Calls  | Calendar 

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