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Printing Mailing Labels

Mailing labels are commonly used on letters and packages to identify the addressee and the sender information. These labels are used for various business purposes, like sending monthly billing statement to your clients, sending Greeting Cards during Christmas & New Year, or a direct mailer campaign about a walk-in interview. In all these scenarios, you have to either manually type mailing addresses on a plain paper or use a different software to fetch addresses from your candidate database, insert addresses in a word processor and then use a good quality printer to print the labels.

In Zoho Recruit, the Print Mailing Labels function helps you to print mailing labels based on the existing candidate data. You do not require any additional software except Zoho Recruit account and a good quality laser printer.


  • This feature is available only for the Candidates, Contacts and Job Openings modules.

To print mailing labels

  1. Click the Candidates tab.
  2. In the Candidates Home page, select the Mailing Labels from the list view drop-down.
    The details in the address label will be based on the columns in the List view that you select. You can customize the list view based on your requirements. See Also Managing List Views 
  3. Select the check box(es) of the records for which you want to generate mailing labels.
  4. Click More Actions > Print Mailing Labels.
  5. In the Print Mailing Labels page, review the labels and click Print.


  • You can use the default Zoho Recruit page settings: A4 size paper, 2-column layout, and 10 mailing labels per page.
  • Before printing mailing labels, ensure that the printer is connected to your Computer.
  • The mailing label layout is 2 columns and 10 per column.
  • The details in the labels are based on the List View that you select.

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