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Attachment Limits

In Zoho Recruit, you can upload attachments in various places. You can upload attachments in the following:

  • Individual records in Recruit
  • In individual emails
  • In the email templates

There are file size limits based on where you upload the attachments. Also, the space taken up by the attachments are included in the total space storage space provided in Zoho Recruit. See Also Storage Space .

Attachment Limit in Individual Records

In each record, you can attach documents up to a total size of 20MB. You can either upload a single file or multiple files but the total size of the files should not exceed 20MB.

Attachment Limit in Email Templates

In each email template, you can attach files up to 3MB. When you use the email template to send multiple emails, the attachment size will not be multiplied and calculated for the storage space. The attachment is counted only once for your storage. For example you have an email template with 1MB attachment. When you use this template to send emails to 5 records, the document attached is not counted on your storage 5 times, i.e. 5MB (1X5). Only the document(s) attached to the template is considered for storage.

Apart from this, while sending individual emails using the email template, you can attach files based on the email attachment limit given below.

Attachment Limit in Emails

While composing emails you can send files based on the attachment limit. The attachment limit varies based onyour Zoho Recruit Edition .


  • Attachment limit for emails is the total attachment size. This is inclusive of the attachments included in the emails template also. For example, say you are in the Enterprise Edition and you have the limit of 10 MB attachment. If you have attached files with 2 MB size in the templates, then while sending an email using this template, additionally you can attach files up to 8 MB.

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