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There are two types of Google account users. Our Google Integration aims to provide benefits to both types of users. You would either have a Google account or a Google Apps Account.

  • Google Account - Google Account is a single sign-in system that provides access to a variety of free Google consumer products such as Gmail,  Picasa, Google Drive, Google+, iGoogle, etc. that is administered by Google.
  • Google Apps Account - Google Apps Account is similar to a Google Account, except that it is administered by your organization. This account brings together a suite of Google applications that are essential for your business.

Learn more about the differences between Google Account and Google Apps Account here .

For both the Google Account users and Google Apps Account users, Zoho Recruit has a set of features that help you integrate data between Google and Zoho Recruit. With the combined benefits of Zoho Recruit and Google applications, you business can collaborate, communicate and make the best use of the customer information that you have.

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