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Zoho Recruit for Google Apps

Zoho Recruit for Google Apps makes it easier for your business to collaborate, communicate and share information, all in a single, centralized place. If your business is using Google Apps, you can now synchronize Google Mail and access other information from within Zoho Recruit.

Your business is sure to gain an edge with better collaboration and customer information with the features that helps you to attach documents from Google Drive, export events to Google Calendar and add contacts from Google Contacts, configure Gmail, all directly from inside Zoho Recruit.


  • Manage all your Email interactions with customers in a single place.
  • Better perspective on your customers' views and needs as you can track the Email interactions handled in Google Mail inside Zoho Recruit and vice versa.
  • Free yourself from the hassles of attachments and mismatches in versions as you can directly attach files from Google Drive within Zoho Recruit.
  • Be up-to-date with the recruitment appointments by exporting them to your Google Calendar and collaborate with your colleagues.
  • Easily import and get access to your Gmail contacts from within Zoho Recruit.
  • Log in to Zoho Recruit from Google's universal navigation with your Google Apps credentials.

Key Features

The table below provides details on the various features:

Activate Zoho Recruit from Google AppsTo activate Zoho Recruit from Google Apps - Solutions Marketplace
Add Users from Google AppsTo add users from Google Apps to Zoho Recruit
Import Contacts from Google AppsTo import business contacts from Google Apps to Zoho Recruit Contacts module and then share with other ATS users
Synchronize EmailTo send and receive Emails to business contacts from Google Mail and synchronize with Zoho Recruit data. You can also send and receive Emails from Zoho Recruit and update in Google Mail.
Attach Files from Google DriveTo attach files (documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc.) from Google Drive to Zoho Recruit modules
Export Events to Google CalendarTo export events from Zoho Recruit to Google Calendar and then share with Google Apps users
Zoho Recruit Contextual Gadget for GmailTo add candidates/contacts and the related notes, tasks, potentials to your Zoho Recruit account from within Gmail.
Zoho Recruit Web Forms for Google SitesTo create web forms and publish it to Google Sites.
Synchronize Google ContactTo schedule synchronization of contacts between Zoho Recruit and Google Contacts.
Synchronize Google CalendarTo schedule synchronization of events between Zoho Recruit and Google Calendar.
Export Tasks to Google TasksTo export tasks from Zoho Recruit to Google Tasks.

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