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Setting Up Custom Module

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Here is a list of features that will help you make the custom module perfectly functional for your business process.

 Module Customizations

 Tab Settings

Organize tabs  in such a way that only the relevant tabs are visible for use and the unwanted tabs are hidden. You can also rename the tabs based on your business domain and create tab groups  that can be shared with different profiles.

Custom Fields

By default, Record Name, Record Owner, Email and Secondary Email fields will be automatically added. You can add custom fields  of various types such as text, lookup, pick list, currency, autonumber, check box, etc. Formula fields can be created to populate dynamically calculated data based on the values returned from other standard or custom fields.

Page Layout

Customize the Record Details page layout . You can add required fields or hide the unwanted fields, reorder the fields, create delete sections, mark fields as mandatory and change to 1-column or 2-column layout.

Related Lists

Change the order of the Related Lists  such as the Attachments, Open Activities, etc., for records in each module.

Use Related Lists to build module relationships by linking custom module records with standard module records. By default, Notes, Attachments, OpenActivities, ClosedActivities and Emails are available. You can change the order of the related lists  and also create custom related lists with the following options:

Custom Links

Access information from third party applications and tools by creating custom links  (URLs with variables) for modules in Zoho Recruit. You can integrate content from other sites also in addition to your Recruit account, in just a single click. For example, the link can be:!/$ {Contacts.Twitter ID}

Search Layout

Define 6 fields for your custom module that will be used to show data in the search results. While using the Global Search  option to search a record, the matching records with a few important field values are listed. With the Search Layout  feature, you can define, what field values needs to be displayed when a record is searched.

List Views

Create custom list views  to filter records based on a given criteria. This will help you sort out the required records quickly and perform all the necessary operations on the records. By default, All Records, My Records, Recently Created Records, Recently Modified Records, and Recently Viewed Records list views are available in the custom module.

 Security Settings

Profile Permissions

Use profiles to control the access permissions to various features related to the module such as, export, import, mass email, mass update, etc.

Data Sharing Settings

Configure data sharing rules to extend the access rights to users belonging to specific roles and groups. You can set data sharing rules  in addition to the default sharing options - Private, Public Read Only, Public Read/Write/Delete.

Field-level Access

Set up field-level security  to control the access of the fields in the custom module.

 Data Administration

Import Data

Import records  in your Recruit account from external sources, if you already have the data. You can either import records assigned to you or import records that are assigned to other users by using the Import My Organization Records option.

Export Data

Export data  in CSV format from individual Recruit modules in your ATS account. You can either manually export the records or request a data backup.

Data Migration from 3rd-Party Apps

If you're switching to Zoho Recruit from 3rd-party application, you can easily migrate data using built-in data migration tool. See Also Migrate from Other ATS 

Data Backup

When you request a data backup, data from custom module is also included. See Also Data Backup 

 Data Analytics


Create module-specific reports  and also pull data from other cross-functional modules. You can create 3 types of reports and customize them as per your business requirements.

  • Tabular Report: Displays the data without any subtotals in the report. Use this type of report to create contact mailing lists, consolidated view of sales pipeline, and others.
  • Summary Report: Displays the data along with subtotals, groupings, and other summary information.
  • Matrix Report: Displays the data summarized in a grid against both horizontal and vertical columns.

The Related Modules available will be Notes, Emails and Activities. If you have a lookup field in the custom module, the same will be listed under Related Modules.


Get a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics using dashboards . A Dashboard is the pictorial representation of your custom reports. It displays the data dynamically in various types of charts like bar, pie, line, table, or funnel charts.

 Workflow Management

Workflow Rules

Eliminate the manual work and automate your sales and marketing activities  such as, assigning tasks to users, sending automated email notifications, and updating specified field values. 

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