Zoho Recruit Admin Guide

Zoho Recruit is a tool built for recruiters and Human Resource professionals in an organization. Some actions in Zoho Recruit can be performed by all users, and a few other can be performed only by the Administrators. Browse through the Admin Guide to know all the actions that can be performed by the Zoho Recruit Admins.

Zoho Recruit Admin functions

Following is a table that contains the Setup functions found in Zoho Recruit.

Company Settings Configure company-wide settings such as logo, business hours and currency settings.Security Control Award/restrict specific Recruit permissions to your peers/sub-ordinates based on their role in the organization.
Customization Customize your Zoho Recruit account for your company's needs by creating/editing modules, Home tab, related lists and so on.Automation Automate sales actions such as email notifications and task creation using workflow rules. Use macros, assignment rules and workflow automation to be more productive.
Marketplace Go beyond Recruit and integrate your account with other Zoho apps and a range of third party applications such as Google and Microsoft Outlook to work on all of your tasks from a single location.Territory Management Set up an efficient system for easy sharing of customer accounts among different recruitment teams in your company. 
Billings and Payments Manage your subscription and billing details.Data Administration Import, export and check audit logs to efficiently manage your Recruit data.

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