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Sourcing Techniques

Job Boards

Publish job openings on top global sites to source the best candidates


Career Site

Create beautiful career site that is in sync with your company.


Source Boosters

Get access to thousands of resumes in seconds.


Resume Extractor

Connect with talent anywhere online with resume extractor.


Social Integration

Reach out to and interact with potential applicants on social media.


Resume Management

Formatted Resumes

Bring uniformity to the resumes you send to clients.


Resume parser

Map fields from any resume with the respective Zoho Recruit fields.




Pre-screen candidates the moment they apply to your openings.




Automate your recruitment process for the smoothest experience.


Replicate your tried-and-true recruitment processes in Zoho Recruit.



Custom Fields

Drag-and-drop to customize your Zoho Recruit.


Security and Control

New Profile

Create different roles and profiles in your Zoho Recruit database.

Default Organization Permission

Extend access rights to users belonging to other groups and roles.

Territory Management

Set target for users belonging to different recruitment territories.