Applicant Tracking System to Track
Candidate Progress from Sourcing to Hiring

Applicant Tracking System for Staffing Agencies and Independent Recruiters

Staffing firms and recruiters already need to do too much - from sourcing the appropriate candidates, pooling resources for interviews, tracking the applicant, keeping both the client and the candidates up-to-date about the progress and next steps and much more. These problems distract the focus from hiring the right candidate. Zoho Recruit - Applicant Tracking System automates and streamlines the recruiting process, making it easier for recruiters to hire the right candidate. And because Zoho Recruit is a fully customizable Recruitment Software, it quickly adapts to what's unique about your business.

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Applicant Tracking System for Corporate HR's

Zoho Recruit is a fully-featured Applicant Tracking System for HR and staffing departments. It is simple and makes the recruitment process easier, right from raising a requisition to making an employment offer. Thus, it enables your recruitment team to focus on acquiring the right talent. Zoho Recruit - Recruitment Software integrates the entire recruitment process starting from requisition submittal to posting the job in the website, scheduling interviews and tracking candidates progress based on the hiring process.

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