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Introduce Zoho Recruit to your friends, the smartest ATS on the market. Give your friends an edge to source, track, and hire candidates faster than ever.

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When you refer Zoho Recruit to your friends

You get a free recruiter for 2 months

Your friends get the paid edition for 2 months.

Everybody wins!

Refer your friends via email.

Thanks to you, your friends get the paid edition for 2 months when they sign up.

Get a free recruiter for 2 months.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. How does the two way referral program work?

Simply put, when a recruiter who is already using Zoho Recruit successfully invites another person to Zoho Recruit, we give the referrer a free recruiter for 2 months.

Upon sign-up, two months of the paid edition will be added to the new user's subscription.

Here is a more detailed explanation:

  • Existing Zoho Recruit user A sends out a mail invite to a friend B.
  • User B signs up for Zoho Recruit.
  • User B automatically gets the paid edition for 2 months.
  • User A gets one free recruiter for 2 months.
2. What happens after a successful invite?

Once your invite is successfully accepted, you will receive a bonus code. You will be able to use that code to get an extra recruiter for 2 months at no additional cost.

3. How do I send out invites to my friends?

Go to the Send Invites page, type in your friend's email address, and click Send. Simple!

4. I've received an invite from a friend. What should I do?

Click on the link you received from your friend. This will take you to a sign-up page. Enter your details and and click Sign-up.

5. Is there a limit to the number of invites I can send?

No! But you'll be receiving the bonus code only for the first 5 referrals.

6. How does the Two-Way Referral program help a free user of Zoho Recruit?

On a successful invite, both the sender and the receiver get the paid edition for two months!

7. What other conditions have to be met to get the referral bonus?
  • The friend you refer should be part of a genuine company that has credible website activity.
  • Sending a referral to a colleague/co-worker is strictly prohibited.