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Post Job Openings to LinkedIn

Zoho Recruit offers advanced LinkedIn integration, enabling you to post job openings directly to LinkedIn.

An Insight into LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking website that hosts the profiles of a vast number of job seekers and qualified professionals. It also serves as a platform to post job openings and source candidates. LinkedIn is changing the way recruitment is being done around the world.

Why should you use LinkedIn for Recruitment?

  • The number of job seekers and professionals registering their profiles on LinkedIn is steadily increasing.
  • Authenticity of profiles. 
  • While other job boards engage you with active job seekers, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to look up and communicate with passive talent.


How Zoho Recruit Integrates with LinkedIn

Zoho Recruit already had a basic integration with LinkedIn, which allows users to: 

  • Associate a candidate's or client's LinkedIn profile with the respective record on the Zoho Recruit database.
  • Veiw associated profile details.
  • View connection's updates and like or respond to them.
  • Send InMail to connections.
  • Send connect requests to 2nd degree connections.
Now, the integration is taken a step further by enabling users to post job openings to LinkedIn using Zoho Recruit. It eliminates the hassle of switching between these two platforms. This gives the user time to focus on what's important like reviewing candidate profiles and engaging with them. Manual work is also reduced as candidates who apply through LinkedIn are automatically added to the database.  


Benefits of Using Zoho Recruit to Post Jobs to LinkedIn

Work With Ease on a Single Platform

Easily work on LinkedIn from Zoho Recruit without having to alternate between platforms. Associate your LinkedIn account with Zoho Recruit in a few simple steps. Then, post new or existing job openings to LinkedIn.             


Entry Automation - Save Time and Effort

Details of candidates applying through LinkedIn are automatically uploaded to the candidate database.


Gain Visibility Among Potential Candidates

Post jobs openings on LinkedIn to gain better visibility among talented candidates.


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