Create and Publish Job Openings

Collect more resumes in short time by creating and publishing the job openings in the website. You can add notes for futures reference and attach documents sent by clients.

Create Job Openings

Create job openings based on the Client or Hiring Manager's requirements and you can customize the custom fields.

Publish Job Openings

Publish job openings in your website. This allows the candidates to apply for a specific job opening directly from the website

Export Job Openings

Export job openings in different formats like csv, xls, etc., to maintain a report and to have a data back-up.

Tag Job Openings

Mark top priority job openings as "hot", which helps recruiters easily identify and prioritize them. You can also add different tags to job openings to make them easier to find.

Record activities

In Zoho Recruit, any activity that is performed within the system will be automatically recorded and displayed in the dashboard. You can also log notes.

Attach documents

While creating a new job opening, Zoho Recruit enables you to easily attach any related documents given by the client or the hiring manager.


The dashboard displays the activities that take place within the system, which helps the recruiters track the progress made on candidates and job openings.