Parse Resumes from Email Attachments

A smart and efficient work process is what we aim for and that is exactly what Resume Inbox delivers. With this user-friendly parsing tool, the recruitment procedure becomes a lot easier as it automatically parses resume from your inbox and transfers the candidate details directly to Zoho Recruit. So no more hassle over cluttered mailboxes, with a few easy steps you can configure your Resume Inbox and get started.

Parse Resumes from Email Attachments


  • Automatically extract resumes from multiple email accounts.
  • Parse not only the candidate details from attachments but the entire email including the content, to, from, and subject.
  • Quickly process resumes.
  • Save time in switching between your email client and Zoho Recruit.

Key Features

  • Extract resumes from different email clients like Zoho Mail, Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail.
  • Parse only the required information.
  • View parsed and failed resumes.