For Corporate HRs

Automate the entire hiring process - for example, going through stacks of resumes, shortlisting, recording the data, conducting inteviews, etc. Zoho Recruit values the time and handles the entire recruiting process. It helps to increase the efficiency of the HR departments to help make their jobs easier.

Sourcing made simple

Gather resumes from different source and reach the candidates more quickly. Filter the candidates based on your organization needs, without missing a talent.

Resume management

Manage the resumes and track the candidates progress more efficiently. Zoho Recruit tools helps you to gather the resume database, schedule interviews,etc.

Post your Job Openings

Collect more resumes in a short span of time. Once you get a clear picture on the job description, you can create and publish job openings in the website using the Zoho Recruit tools.

Customize - just anything!

Customize Zoho Recruit as per your business requirements - for example, add custom fields, custom status, etc.

Import and Parse Resumes

Populate resumes from different sources like social sites, mail boxes, hard disks, etc., more quickly than ever.


Get all your emails inside Zoho Recruit and its attachments automatically parsed.

Activities stream

One-stop view to look at all the activities that happen in the hiring process, without even contacting the concerned person. This helps the human resource professionals who work in different time zones.