How can I enable Advanced Recruit Analytics? 

Automation is the need of the hour as it helps efficiently manage time and keep you at the top of your game. With Advanced Recruit Analytics, create reports and dashboards based on your Recruit data and transform every activity into a valuable insight. A pre-packaged set of 50 plus sample reports and dashboards will be automatically synchronized with your Zoho Recruit data every 24 hours for your analysis.


With Advanced Recruit Analytics you can:

  • Can make a well structured and systematic presentation, boosted by data trends and business insights, to your client.
  • Make better business decisions and plan efficiently with periodic reports of patterns and trends of your company. For example, a comparative study of the placements and job openings of the previous months can give an indication of how your company is faring and if any changes are to be implemented.  
  • Keep a track on the performance of your recruiters, employees and also the overall team. Find out the best performing staff members and reward them accordingly.  
  • Collaboratively work with your colleagues to create new reports or dashboards with your Recruit data, share your reports and print them for offline consumption. 



  • You can use Recruit data from the Job Openings, Candidates, Interviews, Clients, Contacts and other custom modules you have created.
  • Zoho Recruit users with an Administrator profile have the permission to associate your Recruit account with Zoho Reports.
  • You can associate only a single Zoho Reports account with Zoho Recruit.
  • Any user with an Administrator profile can deactivate Advanced Recruit Analytics.
  • Deactivating Zoho Reports account will also delete the data, reports and dashboards in Zoho Reports.