How can I configure Zoho Mail Add-on?

You can configure Zoho Mail Add-on in Recruit, in a few easy steps.


  • The administrator has to configure and enable the Zoho Mail Add-on. Once it is enabled, you have to set up the mail account by configuring the POP service for your email account. If your email address contains or has a hosted email domain in Zoho Business, you need not configure the POP account in Zoho Mail. You can directly select the mailbox from the Zoho Mail Add-on page.
  • Using this Mail Add-on, you can add external accounts via POP protocol only. IMAP client functionality for accessing external accounts is not supported.

To configure the Zoho Mail Add-on, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click Setup > Personal Settings > Email Settings.
  2. Click POP3(Zoho Mail).
  3. In the Zoho Mail Add-on settings page, under Zoho Mailbox, from the drop-down list displaying all the configured POP accounts, choose the mailbox you want to configure with Zoho Recruit.
  4. Under Send Mail as, from the drop-down list select the email address that you would like displayed on sent emails. All email aliases will also listed in the drop-down list. 
  5. Under Email Sharing permissions, select the required permission level for your account. Refer the note below for details on each permission level.
    • Private - The email account configured in Zoho Recruit is kept private. Other Recruit users cannot access or view email received from candidates or clients.
    • Admin - The emails you receive, can be accessed, viewed and replied to by the Recruit Admin users of your organization.
    • Public - The emails you receive, can be accessed, viewed and replied to by all Recruit users within your organization. When choosing this option you can choose to exclude sharing emails belonging to a particular domain by using the Exclude Domains field. A maximum of 5 domains can be excluded.
    • Custom - You can select the emails that can be accessed, viewed and replied to by other Recruit users.
  6. Under Advanced Settings, you can do the following:
    1. Select Consolidate all my customers emails in a single place inside Zoho mail check box
    2. Select Folder or Label to specify the location in which you want the emails to be consolidated.
      Note: This option is applicable only if you have configured Zoho Mail.
  7. Click Save.