How can I set up a POP mail account?

Once the administrator has configured and enabled the Zoho Mail add-on, you have to set up the mail account by configuring the POP service for your Email account.


  1. The administrator has to configure and enable the Zoho Mail Add-on. Once it is enabled, you have to set up the mail account by configuring the POP service for your email account. If your email address contains or has a hosted email domain in Zoho Business, you need not configure the POP account in Zoho Mail. You can directly select the mailbox from the Zoho Mail Add-on page.
  2. Using this Mail Add-on, you can add external accounts via POP protocol only. IMAP client functionality for accessing external accounts is not supported.

To set up a POP mail account:

  1. Click Setup > Personal Settings > Email Settings.
  2. Click Zoho Mail.
  3. Click Configure Now.
  4. In the Zoho Mail Add-on settings page, under Zoho Mailbox click Add new Mailbox.
  5. In the Zoho Mail POP3 Settings dialog box, click Add POP3 Account.
  6. In the Add POP3 Account dialog box, enter the details of your POP3 mail account. When done, click Test Account to authenticate the account details you have provided.
    • If you do not use any POP clients other than Zoho Mail, your Username can just be
    • If you are using multiple POP clients, you need to tag the Username as ''. Also, make sure that Leave messages in the server is selected for the Delete message settings option. Please note that this is applicable only to Gmail users.
  7. In Outgoing server dialog box, you can set the outgoing server details and also specify the frequency at which the system will check for new emails, the number of emails to be downloaded per cycle and set the reply to email address for this account.
  8. Click Create Account. The configured email account will now be displayed.
  9. Click Save on the Zoho Mail POP3 Settings dialog box.