What is BCC dropbox?

When you use multiple email accounts for business, your email communication will be recorded in various mail clients. You can converge all these business communication in a single place, in your Zoho Recruit account. For this, you need not configure your email accounts within Recruit but just use the BCC Dropbox.

BCC Dropbox provides a unique email address for each user in your Zoho Recruit account. With this email address, you can automatically pull in all the emails sent to your candidates and contacts in Zoho Recruit. All you have to do is, BCC this dropbox email address when you send emails to your customers and get a copy of the email associated it to the right candidate or contact in your Zoho Recruit account.

If the candidate/contact does not exist in Zoho Recruit, based on your BCC Dropbox settings a new candidate/contact can also be created.

By default, for Administrator and Standard profiles, the BCC Dropbox permission will be enabled.

The BCC Dropbox email address can be used only for the Candidates and Contacts modules, i.e. you can associate the sent emails only to the candidates or contacts based on the settings.
Go to Setup > Personal Settings > Email Settings > BCC Dropbox to find your BCC Dropbox email address. Additionally, you will also have the option to:

  • Specify the search pattern - Based on the option selected to search the recipient's email address in Recruit, the emails will be associated to the right record. You will have the option to search for the recipient's email address in either one of the modules (Candidates or Contacts) or search in both the modules. If the recipient's email address does not match a candidate or contact in Recruit, a new record can be created. If you do not have the permission to the Candidates or Contacts tab, the Change Pattern link will not be available.
  • Download the email address as a vCard - This would help you store the BCC Dropbox email address elsewhere to access it whenever required.
  • Regenerate the email address - Whenever required, you can regenerate the unique BCC Dropbox email address.
  • Specify your email address - You can specify up to 5 different email addresses that you use for business. Only emails sent from these email addresses mentioned by you will be associated to the candidates/contacts in Zoho Recruit.