How can I create mail merge documents using Zoho Writer?

Zoho Writer is an online word processor that allows you to create and share documents online. You can create mail merge templates in Zoho Writer and use Zoho Recruit data (Candidates, Clients, Contacts and Job Openings) to create mail merge documents such as forms, letters, address labels, envelopes etc. on-the-fly. You can use this function without downloading and installing any software.


  • Requires no installation as you can create templates online using Zoho Writer.
  • Use Zoho Recruit's login credentials to log into Zoho Writer (Single Sign On).
  • Send mail merge documents via email to the candidates, clients, contacts, record owners or users.
  • Save time in creating multiple documents.
  • Generate mail merge documents with up-to-date customer information.
  • Access the templates anytime and edit online.


Create Mail Merge Documents

Creating mail merge documents using Zoho Writer involves three steps:


Part 1 - Create Mail Merge Templates in Zoho Writer

To create mail merge templates:

  1. Click Setup > Apps & Add-ons > Zoho Apps Zoho Writer.
  2. Alternatively, you can also click Setup > Templates > Mail Merge Templates, and move on to the 3rd point.
  3. In the Zoho Writer Add-on page, click Open Mail Merge Templates, if you already have mail merge templates.
    Click Create Your First Template if you do not have any mail merge templates.
  4. In the Mail Merge Templates page, click Create Templates in Zoho Writer.
  5. In the Create Template in Zoho Writer window, specify the following details:
    1. Enter the Template Name.
    2. Enter the Description for the template.
    3. Select the Folder from the drop-down list. The template will be stored in the folder that you select.
    4. Select the Module for which you want to create the template.
      The merge fields in the template will be based on the module that you select.
  6. Click Create
    A document will be opened in Zoho Writer.
  7. Click ToolsInsert Merge Fields and select the field(s) that you want to insert.
    The fields will be inserted in the specified place in Zoho Writer template.
  8. Click Save


Part 2 - Create List of Mail Merge Recipients

After creating the mail merge template, you need to select the records that will be used to create mail merge documents.You can merge data only from the Candidates, Clients, Contacts and Job Openings modules.

To select data to merge:

  1. Click the [Module] tab.
  2. In the Home page, select the list view to filter the records that are required.
  3. Select the checkbox(es) of the records.
  4. Click More Actions > Mail Merge
  5. In the Mail Merge popup window, do the following:
    • Choose the template from the drop-down list. Only the templates created for the specific record type will be listed.
      For example, if you select the lead records to merge, only the template is created for leads will be listed in the drop-down box. 
    • Select Zoho Writer to open the template.
  6. Click Merge.
    The template will be opened in Zoho Writer.


  • You will be able to choose the Zoho Writer option only if you are in the Professional or Enterprise Edition and if you have the Zoho Writer add-on permission enabled.
  • You will be able to choose the Microsoft Word option only if you had purchased the Office Plug-in and activated for the corresponding user. Also, this option will not be available in any other browsers except Internet Explorer 6 and above.


Part 3 - Create Mail Merge Documents and Email them

After opening the template in Zoho Writer, you need to merge data from Zoho Recruit. After merging, you can either print the merged documents or email them.

  1. In the Zoho Writer template, click Finish and Merge.
    The data will be merged and the documents will be available.
  2. Click Finish and Merge > Email Merged Documents to send the documents as emails.
    Alternatively, you can also print the merged documents. You cannot save the merged documents.
  3. In the Email Merged Document pop-up window, select the email field from the To list.
  4. Enter the Subject for the email.
  5. Click OK. The email is sent immediately.


  • You can click Finish and Merge > Edit merged document to view the template and edit the details.
  • You cannot merge the data while editing the template.