How can I import interviews?

In Zoho Recruit, you can import interviews from spreadsheet.

To import interviews:

  1. Click Interviews tab.
  2. Click Import Interviews, located at the upper right panel.
    The Import from Spreadsheet page is displayed.
  3. Select Import My Interviews or Import My Organization Interviews.
  4. Click the Click here link to browse and import required files from your system.
  5. Select SkipOverwrite or Clone for duplicate records.
  6. Click the Advanced Options link. 
  7. Under Advanced Options, do the following:
    1. Select the Character Encoding from the list.
    2. Select Date and Time format in the import file from the list.
    3. Select a Workflow Task, if required.
      Note: The work flow task will be available in the list only if you had already created a work flow task.
  8. Click Next to continue. Import My Organization Interviews Wizard page is displayed.
  9. In the Map Fields section, do the following.
    1. If you have selected Import My Organization Interviews, then under Candidate Owner Information, select the respective user from the Interviews Owner drop-down list.
    2. Associate the fields in CSV/XLS file column header with the corresponding fields in Zoho Recruit (Even if the mandatory fields are not mapped, the data will be imported).
    3. Click Next to continue.
  10. In the Confirm Mapping section, verify whether all fields are mapped correctly. 
  11. Click Import.
    Note: If all the columns in your XLS/XLSX/CSV/VCF files are not mapped with the respective Zoho Recruit fields, then the data in these columns will not be imported if you try to continue with the process and click Import.


  • When the import activity is completed, the status will be notified through an email.
  • After the import activity is completed, you have an option to rollback the imported files (Import history >select the file >click Rollback).
  • If you select a workflow task while importing, the Notify Assignee option in the selected workflow task, will not be applicable.
  • In the Free Edition, only the Clone option is available.

Import data

  • Import My Interviews feature can be used to import the records owned by (assigned to) you. By default, the records' ownership is automatically assigned to the user who imports the records.
  • Import My Organization Interviews feature can be used to import all the records that are owned by (assigned to) the users in your organization, including the records owned by you. While importing, the import file should have a column that contains the exact email address of the users to whom you want to assign each record. Only then will the records automatically get assigned to the respective users while importing.

Import limit

  • The supported formats are Excel (XLS, XLSX), Comma Separated Value (CSV) and Business Card or vCard Format (VCF).
  • You can import a maximum of 1500 records/batch. Records more than 1500 can be imported in CSV format.
  • If your records exceed the specified limits mentioned above, then you can split the records in two or more files and import them.