How can I associate my company's Twitter profile with Zoho Recruit?

The first step, to start using the Social Integration, is to associate your company's Facebook pages and Twitter profiles with Zoho Recruit. The administrator needs to do this in your organization's Zoho Recruit account and additionally enable different types of permissions for other profiles.

Once you add a Facebook page or a Twitter profile:

  • Social tab will be available to users who have the profile permission to access the tab. 
  • Candidates and contacts will have a new Related List - Social Interactions. All Twitter and Facebook interactions associated to the candidate/contact will be listed below this related list.

Add Twitter Profile

With your Twitter account associated to Zoho Recruit, you can perform the following set of actions from within Recruit.

  • Tweet and retweet.
  • Reply to the tweets in the timeline.
  • Mark tweets as Favorite.
  • Search relevant topics.


To add Twitter profile:

  1. Log in to Zoho Recruit with Administrator profile.
  2. Click Setup > Social > Twitter.
  3. In the Social Settings page, click Add Account.
    Please make sure that the pop-up blocker is disabled in your browser.
  4. In the Twitter pop-up, specify the login credentials for your company's Twitter account that you want to associate to Zoho Recruit.
  5. Click Authorize app.
    Your Twitter account will be added. Certain companies may have multiple pages. In that case, you can associate multiple profiles too.
  6. Click the Set Permissions icon.
  7. Set permissions for Actions and Keywords:
    • Actions - This permission defines who should take part in the Twitter interactions and who should just be silent listeners. Select profiles for each action.
      By default, Administrator profile is added.
    • Keywords - Create Saved Searches by adding keywords. Click the Add Keywords link to add a keyword and set profile permission for it.
      Keywords created here will be available in the Search pop-up in the Social tab. These keywords, added by the administrators from the Social Settings page, cannot be deleted by other users.