How can I associate candidates/contacts with their Facebook profiles?

After authenticating, you can associate the Facebook profiles with the candidates/contacts in Recruit. Once the profile is associated, you can perform the following set of actions: 

  • View the Facebook profile along with the Education, Experience, Wall posts etc. of the candidates/contacts.
  • Send a Friend Request.
  • View wall posts of the candidates/contacts.
  • Post on the contact's Facebook wall.
  • Post comments for the updates.
  • Like or unlike the Facebook updates.


To associate candidate/contact with their Facebook profile:

  1. Go to Candidate/Contact tab.
  2. In the Candidate/Contact Home page, click the record.
    Candidate/Contact Details page is displayed.
  3. Click the Facebook icon next to candidate/contact name.
    If there is a profile matching the candidate's/contact's email address, it will be automatically associated. If not, the profiles will be listed based on the name.
  4. Click Associate corresponding to the profile that you want to associate with the record.
    You can disassociate or change the Facebook profile anytime you want.


  • Facebook profiles will be searched based on the the first name and last name of the lead/contact.
  • All the matching Facebook profiles that do not have the Public Search option enabled, will not be listed in your search results.