How can I create user profiles?

While creating a profile, first you have to associate the existing profile to the new profile and later you can change the modules and field-level access control.

A profile has the following categories of permissions:

  • Module level: Enable or disable the access to modules (tabs).
  • Record-level: Enable or disable permissions to View, Create, Edit, and Delete records.
  • Feature-level: Enable or disable permission to access features, such as Import, Export, Mass Mail, Mass Update, Mass Transfer etc, to the users associated to the profiles.
  • Field-level: Enable or disable permission to access the fields in a record. In addition you can restrict the access to edit the fields.
To create a new profile:
  1. Click Setup > Users & Permissions > Profiles.
  2. In the Profiles page, click New Profile.
  3. In the New Profile page, do the following:
    • Enter the Profile Name.
    • Select an existing profile from the Clone Profile field.
      The new profile will be cloned. Later you can modify the access control for the new profile.
    • Enter the Profile Description.
  4. Click Save. Once you have cloned the profile, you can make the changes to the various permissions.


  • You can create profiles in the paid editions, only if you have more than one user in your Zoho Recruit account.
  • In the Free Edition, only Administrator profile is available. You cannot clone profiles to create new ones.