How can I control permissions?

After creating a profile, you must control the access to the modules (Candidates, Clients, Contacts, Job Openings, Interviews, Campaigns, Tasks, Events, Forecasts, Reports, and also Notes and Attachments), import/export, tools, report access, system administration, and general permissions for the profile. Users with System Administrator privileges can manage these permissions.

General permissions:

  • Tab Visibility: Permission to allow or restrict access to the modules (tabs)
  • View: Permission to view the records in module
  • Create: Permission to create the record in module
  • Edit: Permission to modify the record in module
  • Delete: Permission to delete the records in module
Module-level PermissionsTo enable/disable the following permissions to the various modules (Candidates, Clients, Contacts, Job Openings, and others) and the records in them.
  • Tab Visible
  • View
  • Create
  • Edit
  • Delete
Tab Group PermissionsTo provide access to the tab groups. Users will be able to access the tabs within the tab groups based on the Module-level Permissions.
Reports & Dashboards PermissionsPermissions to manage the reports and dashboards in Zoho Recruit and also to schedule reports.
Import PermissionsVarious permissions required to import records from each module that are owned by you and organization-wide users.
Export PermissionVarious permissions required to export records from each module.
Tool PermissionsPermissions required to use various features under Module Tools such as the Mass Transfer, Mass Delete, Mass Email, Change Owner etc.
Admin PermissionsPermissions to access the features such as Roles, Profiles, Users, Groups, Zoho Recruit Customization etc.
Apps Permissions

Permissions to access the various integrations in Zoho Recruit such as, Zoho Mail Integration, Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, Mobile Edition, Social Integration, etc. Permission for the following features will be available under Profiles, only in the New Pricing Editions.

  • Zoho Mail Integration
  • Mobile Edition
  • Zoho Support Integration
  • Zoho PhoneBridge
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
General PermissionsOther general permissions to access the variety of featured in Zoho Recruit, such as Convert Candidates, Manage Subscription, Manage Workflow, Manage Custom Views, etc.

To control permissions:

  1. Click Setup > Users & Permissions > Profiles.
  2. In the Profiles page, click the Edit link corresponding to the profile that you want to modify.
  3. In the Profile Information page, specify the access permissions for the following:
    • Module-level Permissions
    • Tab Group Permissions
    • Reports & Dashboards Permissions
    • Import Permissions
    • Export Permissions
    • Tool Permissions
    • Admin Permissions
    • Apps Permissions
    • General Permission
  4. Click Save.

Note: You cannot edit the default profiles, Administrator and Standard. These are provided only for your reference. It is strongly recommended to define your own profiles based on the existing default profiles.