I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

Users with any role can reset their password individually by clicking on the Forgot Password link in the login page.

To reset password:

  1. Click the Forgot Password link in the Log in page of Zoho Recruit, the system redirects you to Zoho Accounts page.
  2. In Zoho Accounts page:
    • Email ID: Specify the registered Email ID as mentioned in Account information.
    • Image Text: Enter the code as seen in the given picture.
  3. Click Request.
    The system sends an automated email to your Email ID.
  4. Click the link given 'here' in the email, you will be redirected to Zoho Accounts Password Reset page.
  5. In Password reset page, enter your New Password.
  6. Click Change
    The new password is updated and you can use it to log in to all Zoho services.