How can I change themes? 

Zoho Recruit give individual users the option to customize the color and layout of their Recruit account. The users can do the following:

  • Change the color of tabs and their fonts.
  • Change the background color.
  • Swap between Fixed and Fluid screen layout.

Please note that this customization is user specific, i.e. a theme changed by one user will not be reflected in another user's Recruit account.

To change theme:

  1. Click Setup Personal Settings Theme.
  2. In the Themes page, do the following:
    • Under Tab Bar, select Default or Custom.
    • Select color for the Normal Tab and the Normal Tab Fonts.
    • Select color for the Selected Tab and the Selected Tab Fonts.
    • Under Background, select DefaultGray or White.
    • Under Layout, select Default (Fixed Screen Layout) or Fit to Screen (Fluid Screen Layout).
  3. Click Save.