Zoho Recruit for iPhone

Zoho Recruit for iPhone is a native application that lets you access and work with your online Zoho Recruit data from your iPhone. With this mobile application, you can access and manage your Candidates, Job Openings, Clients, Contacts, and Activities present in your Zoho Recruit account wherever you are. 


  • Access your data from anywhere - You can access your Zoho Recruit data anytime, anywhere.
  • Recent Items - In your Dashboard, you can tap the Module to view the active records/current activities.
  • Send emails to contacts - You can easily send emails to your Zoho Recruit contacts and candidates from the email account configured on your device.
  • Search on the server - You can search for records in your Zoho Recruit online account using the powerful server search feature. With this option, you can access any record (from the supported modules) that is not available in your iPhone application.
  • View Records in alphabetical order - The records in Candidates, Job Openings and Clients modules are listed in alphabetical order for an easy search.
  • Filter records based on List Views - Two list views are supported - All Views and My Views. You can filter records based on these list views.
  • Associate Job Openings from Candidates
  • Add Notes
  • MailMagnet
  • Calendar views, tasks, events, and interviews