How can I send SMS to candidates and contacts?

You can message a candidate/contact through the SMS add-on feature in Recruit.

To send an SMS:

  1. Tap a [Module].
    (Modules refer to Contact, Candidates, etc.)
  2. In the [Module] screen, tap a record.
  3. In the Record Details screen, tap the SMS icon.
    The SMS screen is displayed.
  4. You can modify the To field value if required.
  5. Enter the message to be sent to the Candidate/Contact.
  6. Tap Send.
  • To use the SMS add-on feature, Admin has to purchase the SMS add-on, which is priced at $25/org/month
  • Only the Admin can purchase credits from SMS vendor and configure the SMS settings in Zoho Recruit
  • Only the Admin can give SMS add-on access to the Recruiters.