How can I use MailMagnet in Android phone?

With the Zoho Mail add-on configured in your Zoho Recruit account, you will have an inbox full of important emails associated with your candidates and contacts. It is very important that emails from candidates get a timely response. MailMagnet does exactly that. For a recruiter on the move, the MailMagnet option is very useful to receive instant notifications so that the most important emails get your immediate attention. You can also view attachments and reply to emails from MailMagnet.

MailMagnet will be available only if you enable the Zoho Mail add-on feature and configure your email account within Zoho Recruit. See Also Zoho Mail Add-on


To reply to emails in MailMagnet:

  1. On the top right panel of your Home page, tap the MailMagnet icon.

    Mail Magnet screen is displayed with the list of emails received.
  2. Tap the email to which you want to send a reply.
    The Open Mail screen is displayed.
  3. In the Quick Reply section enter your response.
  4. Tap the Send icon


  • When the candidates or contacts send emails, they will be listed under MailMagnet. Outgoing emails will not be listed in MailMagnet.
  • Only if you are the recipient (i.e. your emails address is in the To or CC fields of the email), will you receive the email in MailMagnet.
  • Group emails, such as,, etc. will not be listed in MailMagnet.
  • The mail magnet will retrieve emails every three minutes.
  • The 100 latest emails will be listed under MailMagnet.