How can I search records by information?

This option enables you to search specific record(s) from all modules or from a particular module by entering the information in the search box. Note that this is a Global Search and for English it will filter only those records that start with the given search criteria. For other languages, it will filter all records that contain the given search criteria.

To search records by information:

  1. Select a [Module] from the Search drop-down list.
  2. Enter the search criteria in the text box and press Enter.
    The matching records will be listed.
  3. Select the Show my records only check box and click Search to view only your records.
  4. Click the Search Layout link to define the fields that should be available in the Search Results' page.


  • Module refers to the Candidates, Contacts, Clients etc. tabs. Only records from the selected modules will be listed.
  • By default, you will be able to view all the records, provided the access to view the records is given to you by the administrator.
  • It is mandatory to enter minimum two characters in the search text box.
  • You can add more fields in the Search Results' page with the Search Layout option.