How can I submit resumes in bulk to a client?

You can send candidate resumes in bulk to clients for perusal.

To submit resumes in bulk to a client:

  1. Click Candidates tab.
  2. In the Candidates Home page, select the records.
  3. Click Submit to Client.
  4. In the Submit to Client page, do the following:
    1. Search and enter the Client name and Job Opening.
    2. Select Email Template and specify additional email addresses in CC & BCC fields.
    3. If you want to send separate emails to client for each selected candidate, then select the checkbox.
  5. Click Send.

Note: If the email size exceeds 10MB, then it will be split and sent as two or more emails. If you use the merge field option, then by default, the candidate details will be consolidated into a single email and sent to clients. Mail will not be sent to client contacts who have enabled the "Email Opt Out" option .