How can I configure field mapping?

The resume formats followed by recruiters are different across organizations and regions. Resume Parser Mapping feature helps you standardize and align the parsed resume structure to the format followed by your organisation. It allows you to map the Zoho Recruit fields with the respective fields in the parsed resume.

To configure field mapping:

  1. Click Setup >Customization >Resume parser mapping
    Resume Parser Mapping page is displayed.
  2. Map the Zoho Recruit Fields to the appropriate Import Fields.
  3. Click Update.


  • The Zoho Recruit fields mapped using Resume Parser Mapping feature will be valid while parsing resume through different sources like Resume Inbox, Outlook, Job boards etc.
  • The attach resume field is not provided with the Resume Parser Mapping feature to prevent the user from accidentally deleting the field and resulting in data loss. Attachment fields like resume, cover letter etc. can be configured in the Attachment Category page, under Customization.
  • When the resume is parsed, you can customize the resume format type. You can select the resume format type in the Import from Document page under Candidate module.