What should be the email subject format for job association?

In Resume Inbox, a candidate is associated to a job opening based on the subject of the email received.

Details required:

  • JobId (or) JobTitle
  • Source(optional)
The format should be as follows:
  • JobId, JobTitle or both (value and title) should be provided.
  • 'JobId' or 'JobTitle' should be followed by a colon (:) [you may or may not provide space in between the terms].
  • After the colon, the respective value should be mentioned followed by a comma (,). For example,  "JOBID:ZR_2_JOB,  JOBTITLE:Web Designer,  SOURCE:Indeed"
  • If the source is mentioned in the subject, it should follow the format mentioned above (source: _____,).
  • If the source is not mentioned in the subject, by default the source configured in the Resume Inbox Settings page will be used. In case the source is not configured in the Resume Inbox Settings page also, then the source of the parsed candidate will be automatically set as 'Resume Inbox'.
  • The keywords along with their respective values need not appear in any specific order.
Sample Subjects:
  • SUBJECT: Seek: Application For JobTitle: B2B Telesales Professional - Part Time, Ref:, Application Source: Seek
    Any content may come before, after or in between as long as they are separated from the keywords (jobtitle, jobid, source) by a comma.
  • SUBJECT: Monster: Application For JobTitle: Web Designer - Part Time, Source: Monster.
  • SUBJECT: Source: TimesJobs,  Application for JobId: ZR_24_JOB
  • SUBJECT: Alert: New Candidate Applied for Your Job Posting JobId: ZR_24_JOB
  • SUBJECT: Job application for your Job Posting with jobtitle: Senior CRM Consultant, from source: Dice


How do I find the JobId of a job opening in the Job Opening page?

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