How does Resume Inbox work?

Resume Inbox is a user-friendly parsing tool that enables you to automatically parse resume from any email account and add them directly to your Zoho Recruit account.

Note: Only Admin users can configure Resume Inbox settings. 

Check out how it works:

  1. Log into Zoho Recruit account.
  2. Configure the Resume Inbox settings under Setup > Resume ManagementResume Inbox.
  3. A default Resume Inbox is provided.
  4. You can either use the default Resume Inbox or setup personal/company email accounts as the Custom Resume Inbox(es).
    Note: Custom Resume Inbox feature will be enabled only for users who have purchased the email add-on.  
  5. Then do the following:
    1. Publish the Resume Inbox in any job board. When you post a job opening in a job board, you can configure a common email id (Resume Inbox) to which the applicants can send their resume.
    2. Set the emails to be forwarded to the Resume Inbox or manually forward the candidate emails to the Resume Inbox.
  6. You can provide the subject of the email in the format JobId (ref.ID), JobTitle or both and set the candidates to be parsed and associated to a job opening based on that.
  7. After the emails are parsed and candidates associated, a report is generated in the Reports page of Resume Inbox. The report will have details on the emails parsed and the ones that have failed to parse.

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