How can I configure Resume Inbox?

You can configure Resume Inbox and modify the settings to suit your requirements in the Resume Inbox settings page. 

NoteOnly Admin users can configure Resume Inbox settings.

To configure Resume Inbox:

  1. Log into Zoho Recruit account.
  2. Go to Setup > Resume ManagementResume Inbox
    Resume Inbox settings page is displayed.
  3. Under the Email Accounts section, the default Resume Inbox to which the candidate emails will be forwarded is displayed. 
  4. Click the Add New link, next to Email Accounts to add one of your pop accounts that has been configured in Zoho Mail as the custom Resume Inbox.
    Note: Custom Resume Inbox feature will be enabled only for users who have purchased the email add-on and configured it under Setup > Zoho Apps > Zoho Mail.  
    Add Custom Email Account pop-up window is displayed.
    1. Select the Email Account from the drop-down list.
      If you do not have an existing email account, click the Manage POP3 Accounts link.
      1. In the Configure Pop Accounts page, click Add POP3 Account.
      2. In the Add POP3 Account pop-up window, enter the required details to configure POP service for your email account.
      3. Click Save.
      4. Click 'X' to close the Manage POP3 Accounts pop-up window.
    2. Select from where the content should be parsed: Email Body, Attachment or Both.
    3. Select the Folder from which the emails needs to parsed.
    4. Click Save.The new custom Resume Inbox details will be displayed under the Email Accounts section.
    5. Click the Edit link to edit the details, Remove link to delete the account as the resume inbox and Disable to disable the account from all use.
  5. Under the Duplicate Check section, select Overwrite or Skip to perform the related action when duplicate records are found. 
    Note: Duplicate records are found based on the email id provided
  6. Under the Mandatory Check section, select the checkboxes based on whether the candidate should be parsed if any or all of the following values are present: First Name, Lastname, EmailID, and Mobile Number
  7. Under Candidate Source Mapping, select the source of the candidate from the drop-down list. 
  8. Under Candidate Status Mapping, select the status of the parsed candidate from the drop-down list. 
  9. Under Parse Country, select the resume format type based on the country from the drop-down list. 
  10. Click Save.
    The Resume Inbox is now configured. The emails send by the candidates will be parsed from the folders specified in the configured email account (resume inbox). You can view the details of the parsed candidates by clicking the Reports button displayed on the top right corner of the Resume Inbox settings page.


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