How to download and install Zoho Recruit Resume Extractor?

You can download and install the resume extractor by following some easy steps.


  • Only users with access to Candidates, Import Resume and Associate Candidate to Job Opening features can use Resume Extractor.
  • You must have valid Zoho login credentials to connect to Zoho Recruit.
  • You must have Google Chrome browser installed in your system.

To download and install Zoho Recruit Resume Extractor:

  1. Click the  icon to download Resume Extractor extension. 
  2. Zoho Recruit Resume Extractor pop-up window is displayed.

    Note: You can also directly search for Zoho Recruit Resume Extractor in the Google Chrome Webstore. 

  3. Click the +Add To Chrome button.
    A dialogue box is displayed with the query "Add Zoho Recruit Resume Extractor?
  4. Click Add.
    Resume Extractor is added to Google Chrome. It can be accessed by clicking the Resume Extractor icon next to the address bar.

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