How to add and associate a candidate with a job opening? 

Zoho Recruit Resume Extractor provides an easy and quick way to import candidate information. Also, it provides the option of associating the candidate to a job opening while importing the resume. 

To add and associate a candidate with a job opening from within a job site:

  1. Log in to the job site with your credentials.
  2. Go to the candidate profile.
  3. Select the text of the candidate’s resume.
  4. Click the Resume Extractor icon.
    The Resume Parser window is displayed with the parsed information.

    Note: If you are not logged into Zoho Recruit, the Zoho Recruit login page is displayed. Enter your credentials to continue with the process.

  5. In the Select Job to Associate field, enter the job title to which you want to associate the candidate.
    Note: This is an auto-component field, so if you type part of the job title you will automatically get suggestions to select from.
  6. Click Import. The resume details are captured in Zoho Recruit.
    The candidate's details can be viewed in your Zoho Recruit Account under Recent Activities


NoteOnly users with access to Candidates, Import Resume and Associate Candidate to Job Opening features can use Resume Extractor.

Tip: You can select the resume text by placing the cursor at the beginning or by selecting the first word of the sentence, and while pressing the Shift key, bring the cursor to the end of the sentence.