How can I include the candidate review form link when forwarding candidate details to the client?

To include the candidate review form link in the emails forwarded to the client, you need to embed the particular link in the email template first.

To embed link in the email template:

  1. Click Setup > Templates > Email Templates.

  2. Click New Template.

  3. In the New Email Template page, do the following:

    1. Select the Record Type from the drop-down list.
      Note: The Record Type can only be Clients or Candidates. 
    2. Enter the Template Name.
    3. Select the Template Folder from the Store Under drop-down list.
    4. For the template, add the FromSubjectReply toAdd User Signature details.
    5. If any files need to be attached with the email, click Choose File and select the appropriate file.
    6. To add a new Attachment Category, click Add and select the appropriate category.
  4. In the Email Template Body section, create the email message body by selecting the appropriate merge fields and copy pasting the merge field values in the template body.

  5. To embed the candidate review form link, from the Available Merge fields drop-down list, select Candidate/Client; from Select Field drop-down list, select Candidate Review Form.

  6. Copy and paste the Merge Field Value in the appropriate section in the email message body.

  7. Click Save.

    The merge field value will appear as a link when the email is forwarded to the client.