How can I post jobs to LinkedIn?

You can post jobs from Zoho Recruit to LinkedIn by following the steps given below:

1. Purchase job slots and create a contract in LinkedIn
2. Fill the LinkedIn setting details in Zoho Recruit
3. Post jobs on LinkedIn

To purchase job slots and create a contract in LinkedIn:

  1. You need to be a LinkedIn Recruiter (
  2. Sign-in to LinkedIn Recruiter and purchase job slots and create a contract.
  3. To create a contract and enable job posting from Zoho Recruit to LinkedIn, refer the PDF given here.
  4. Authorise Zoho Recruit to post jobs on LinkedIn.
  5. Make a note of the Client Contract ID, Company Name and Company Id given to create a contract. These details must be entered in Zoho Recruit to enable job posting in LinkedIn. 
    Note: Only Admin can purchase job slots and create a contract.
  6. To purchase more job slots, click here.
  7. After the job slots are purchased and contract is created, enter the LinkedIn setting details in Zoho Recruit.


To fill LinkedIn settings details in Zoho Recruit:

  1. Click Setup > Job Boards Integration > Job Boards List.
    The supported job boards will be listed here.
  2. Click the button to turn ON to enable LinkedIn.
  3. To authenticate your LinkedIn account, click Authenticate.
    A new LinkedIn sign-in form opens. 
  4. Enter your LinkedIn Recruiter account credentials.
  5. LinkedIn setting details window is now displayed.
  6. Enter your Company ID, Username and password. Click Save.

To post jobs on LinkedIn from Zoho Recruit: 

  1. Go to Job Openings tab.
  2. Click a particular job opening.
  3. In the job opening details page, click Publish located on the right panel.
  4. Under Choose Job Boards section, select LinkedIn.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Enter details in the fields to be displayed on the job board.
    Note: The fields marked in red and with an asterisk are mandatory.
  7. Select the web form to be displayed when candidate apply jobs from this job list from the drop-down list.
    Note: To create a new web form click Go to Web Forms link.
    Form fields from the selected candidate application form are displayed here.
  8. Click Finish.
    Job Publish Information window is displayed with the URLs to publish the job details and candidate application form in other websites.


  • Before posting jobs in LinkedIn, make sure you have authenticated your LinkedIn profile with Zoho Recruit. Learn more.
  • This option is available only in the paid edition. 
  • By default, Zoho Recruit map the fields and enables the job boards. 
  • To re-map the fields, click here.
  • To disable the job boards, click here. You can also enable it when necessary.
  • You can allow other recruiters in the company to have access to CareerBulider by enabling the Post jobs in paid job-boards permission under Setup > Users & Permission.