Indeed Resume Search

With the Indeed Resume Search feature, you can now directly search for qualified candidates in Indeed from Zoho Recruit itself. No need to manage multiple accounts to find the perfect candidate. You can now search for candidates matching your specific job requirements at the click of a button.

Also, now you don't have to post jobs and wait for days for a candidate to respond and then start the whole recruitment process. Enter your requirements, find candidates matching the profile, add them to Zoho Recruit and initiate the recruitment cycle, all in the span of a few minutes.

With Indeed Resume Search you can:

  • Directly search for candidates in Indeed from your Zoho Recruit account.
  • Quickly and easily access resumes.
  • Find candidates best suited for a job opening.

How can I find resumes and add them to Zoho Recruit using Indeed Resume Search?

  1. Go to Candidates module.
  2. Click Import from Indeed.
  3. In the Import from indeed page, enter job and location details in the What and Where fields respectively.
  4. Click Find Resumes.
    The search results matching the criteria entered will be displayed.
  5. To do an advanced search, click the Advanced Resume Search link.
  6. In the Advanced Resume Search page, enter the required details in the respective fields (Skills, Job Title, Company, City, State, Zip code and Country).
  7. Click Find Resumes.
    The search results matching the criteria entered will be displayed.
  8. To filter your search results further, you can use the following options displayed on the left panel:
    1. Sort by: Relevance, Date -  Click Relevance to display the search results in the order of how relevant it is to the criteria mentioned in search; click Date to display the search results in the descending order of the date in which the resumes were uploaded.
    2. Distance - Select the radius within which the candidate should be located.
    3. Education - Select the education level of the candidate.
    4. Years of Work Experience - Select the candidate work experience.
  9. Click the Refine Search link on the top right corner to do an Advanced Resume Search.
  10. Hover the cursor over a candidate result. A pop-up window with the candidate details is displayed. 
  11. Click View Full Resume link to display the entire candidate resume.
  12. To add the candidate to the Zoho Recruit database, click Add to Zoho Recruit button.
    The candidate will be now added to your Zoho Recruit account.

Note: The Indeed Resume Search feature is available only for the following countries - Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Spain, France, India, Ireland, Italy, México, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.