How can I enable job posting to

You must enable the feature in order to post jobs to from Zoho Recruit.

Please note that to post jobs to, you need to register your company account with them. 

Click here to create your company profile.

To enable 

  1. Click Setup > Job Boards Integration > Post Jobs List.
    The supported job boards are listed here.
  2. Click the button to turn ON and enable
  • This is available only in the paid edition. 
  • By default, Zoho Recruit maps the fields and enable the job boards. 
  • To re-map the fields, click here.
  • To disable the job boards, click here. You can also enable it when necessary.
  • You can allow other recruiters in the company to have access to Glassdoor by enabling the Post jobs in paid job-boards permission under SetupUsers & Permission.