How can I associate candidates to job openings?

You can associate candidates to job openings from the job opening details page. 

To associate candidate to a job opening:

  1. Click Job Openings tab.
  2. In the Job Openings Home page, select the record.
  3. In the Record Details page, on the right panel, under the Quick Actions section, click Associate Candidate.
    Add Existing Candidates to Job Opening:[Job Opening] page is displayed.
  4. Under Criteria Component, specify the search criteria.
    • Select the options from the drop down lists.
    • Enter the corresponding value in the text box.
      For example, if you want to search for candidates, whose has more than 5 years of experience:
    • Select Experience in Years and > symbol from the drop down lists.
    • Enter 5 in the text box.  
  5. Click Search.
    All the Matching Candidates are listed.
  6. Select a candidate.
  7. From the Select Candidate Status drop-down list, choose Associated.
  8. Click Associate