How can I send mass emails?

This feature allows you to send an email to multiple records at once. Before sending emails, ensure that the record contains a valid email address.

To send mass emails:

  1. Click the [Module] tab.
  2. In the [Module] Home page, click [Module] Tools Mass Email [Module ].
  3. In the Mass Email page, by default, the system displays the Email Template tab.
  4. Under the Email Template tab, do the following:
    1. Select the Template from the list.

      Note, that you cannot edit the email content here.
    2. Click the New Template link to create a template.
  5. Under the Select Records tab, do the following:
    1. Click Custom View Criteria, and then Select Custom View from the list, or
    2. Click Manual Criteria, to search and select the required records manually.

      The system will display only those records that contain an email address.
    3. Select the required records.
  6. Click Send.


To send mass emails from list view:

  1. Click the [Module] tab.
  2. In the [Module] Home page, select the check box(es) corresponding to the records to which you want to send mail.
  3. Click Send Mail. Send mass mails page is displayed.
  4. Select the Email Template from the drop-down list.
    • On selecting an email template, the subject and the body of the email will be auto populated. You can edit the content if you want.
    • Choose None from the drop-down list, if you want to create your own content and not choose a template.
  5. Select the From address from the drop-down list.
  6. Click the Change link, if you want to change the Attachment category.
  7. Click the Browse link to browse and attach files.
  8. Click Send.



  • Module refers to Candidates, Clients, Contacts, etc. tabs.
  • The Mass Email feature is available only in the Candidates, Contacts, and custom modules.
  • You need to create email templates before sending mass emails. See Also Email Templates
  • You can send a maximum of 250 emails/day/org in the Standard edition and 500 emails/day/org in the Enterprise edition.
  • The 250 emails per day, per company include the Autoresponders, Active Email Schedulers, Macros and Mass emails.