How can I create forecasts?

Forecasts are created to help every individual in the recruitment team, who has opportunities assigned to them and their managers.


  • By default, the person who creates the forecast owns it.
  • Forecasts can be created for each quarter of the Fiscal Year.
  • You can create forecasts for a specific quarter only once. However, you can modify the existing forecast details.
  • You cannot customize the fields in the forecast module.

To create forecasts:

  1. In the Forecast module, click New Forecast.
  2. In the Create Forecast page, select the Year and Quarter from the respective drop-down lists.
  3. Click Next.
  4. In the Forecast Details section, specify the following details:
    • Enter the target Quota for each month.
      The target quota is the same value entered in the Amount field in the Potentials module.
    • Specify the Committed Amount and Best Case Amount for each month's target quota.
  5. Click Save.