How can I export data?

Zoho Recruit allows you to export and take a backup of all your Recruit data in a few simple steps. The different export options available are:

Export Module Data

The Export Data feature allows you to export data (in CSV format) from individual Recruit modules. After exporting the data, you can further validate or store the data in your own server(s).

To export data from the modules
(through Data Administration Tools)

  1. Click Setup > Data Administration > Export.
  2. In the Export Data page, select the module from which you want to export data from the Select Export Module list.
  3. Select the Existing View. (Custom View)
  4. You may also select Notes and Attachments.
  5. Click Export.
    You will receive an email notification that contains the link to download the data.


  • Module refers to the different tabs. For example, Candidates, Contacts, Clients, etc.
  • Only Admin user has access to Export Data feature.